My hometown. With 1.8 Million inhabitants it is the second largest city in Germany. The Elbe River is a particularly major artery, since the harbour is recognized as a distinguished trading port around the world. The volume of containers loaded and discharged is strikingly booming.
Hamburg offers itself as a city of sophistication and cosmopolitan. The current cityscape due to modern changes: noble shopping mall, working and resident area in the new "HafenCity", glassy office buildings and luxurious hotels. Hamburg is a beautiful city. 2.302 bridges were counted. This figure is more than all bridges counted together in Venice and Amsterdam. A large lake, the Alster, resembles an oasis in the centre of it all.

During a multiple-week biking tour on Majorca, the idea of constructing a Pinhole panoramic camera came up to my mind. The beautiful landscape and light of this island intensely impressed me. One year later in 1999 I returned there again and photographed those hilly vastnesses, olive trees, hidden coves and rocky coasts with my Pinhole camera. Its panoramic format was ideal.
As an extra for my trip I decided to travel to Barcelona by ferry. A fabulous city full of inspiration. My last motif was an illuminating fountain by night - one of my favorite images ...


In 2000 I travelled for the first time to Cuba, the largest Caribbean island with 11.3 million inhabitants, of which 2.7 million live in the capital city, Havana. I entered a world of wonder, contradictions and surprises. Due to difficult economic conditions, most of the Cubans are resourceful in everyday life. The magic of Havana and its riches lie within the souls of the inhabitants. The tourist industry sponsors ambitious projects and so the old heart of the city "Habana Vieja" is about as beautiful as before.
A couple of hours distance from the capital, lies Trinidad. This small colonial village offers a relaxing atmosphere and good Trova music. On further trips through the island I went to Santiago de Cuba and the hidden Baracoa, the eastern tip. Cuba is fascinating by its nature with wilder, more original beauty.

Not everyone is lucky like me to have someone who can guide to do things right for the Thai usages and, more importantly, the Thai cuisine at the first visit in this country. An extra spice, a special ingredient or a dip is normally served along with the Thai dishes. It is therefore difficult for those who are not Thai to do this without any mistake. This variety mirrors the Thai culture in many aspects. The capital city, Bangkok, with inhabitants of about 8 million - no exact number is actually collected - is stressful. The traffic situation here is murderous. Anyone who lost his nerve has already lost. For a Thai this is only another exercise on calmness and patience.
On the contrary to another province so-called Ratchaburi, close to the border of Myanmar, where you can breath free and refresh your mind among nearly untouched nature. The variety of Thailand landscape and city facets is delighting the travelling photographer. During the long time exposure for night street scenery with Dried Food Shop in Rayong someone offered me a drink and then a chair with friendliness. This is Thailand and I say: Thank you!

Marco Zelmer © 1999